Market analytics

Market analytics

In accordance with the layout each of the manufacturers, each leading manufacturer has brought out all-in-one PC products one after another.

preliminary estimate for the cost of materials made by Display Search indicates that the manufacturing cost of a 18.5-inch All-in-One LCD PC may be from 240 to 250 U.S. dollars. Therefore, it is possible to sell it with the price of 299 U.S. dollars in some areas so as to greatly enhance the consumer acceptance.

Taiwan's Topology Research Institute (TRI) predicted that all-in-one PCs will be in a situation of explosive growth and that the total shipments will reach 8.25 million sets of products which are accounted for 2.5% of the entire PC shipments.

Generally speaking, low-cost will be the maximum power to enhance the all-in-one PC shipments. It is predicted that all-in-one PCs will account for at least 30% of desktop computers in the next three to four years.

According to the statistic made by DIGITIMES Research, the worldwide shipments of AIO DT are 685 million units in 2009 wherein the U.S., Japanese, and Taiwanese branded products prevail. The largest brand, Apple, is with a shipment of about 3.4 million units (accounting for 50%), while the ratio of it has obviously declined for the past two years. Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Sony are two brands respectively ranked as the second and the third each accounting for 10% and 6%.

According to the analysis made by DIGITIMES Research, the U.S. brands still control the major markets. However, both MSI and ASUS brands have taken over 5% of the AIO DT market in 2009. Plus with the third brand, Acer, the market share of Taiwanese brands has significantly increased from less 2% in 2008 to 12% in 2009. The AIO DT market share of Chinese brands will be up to 15% in 2009 by adding the market share of Ruozai Lenovo (Lenovo) brands. Thus, there is still considerable room for developing in the future.

The release of Apple iPad tablet PCs also warms up the topic regarding panel PCs.

As to the outlook of the panel PCs in incoming market, ABI Research has published the newest research results forecasting that the worldwide shipments will be 400 million units, and the shipments in 2015 are expected to reach 57 million units, that is, the shipments will grow to exceed 14 times in 5 years.

DVR & IP Camera is the fastest growing security monitoring (Surveillance) field in the market. As indicated by IMS research report, the webcam and network video server will be the fastest growing products in the security monitoring market. In the past 5 years in Europe, the webcam has a compound growth rate o 28.4% and the network video server has a growth rate of 30.3%. In 2008, the European markets have reached 15,110 million euros. According to JP Freeman's analysis, it is pointed out that the global market of webcam and network video server will be 5.0 billion dollars in 2009. In addition, Frost & Sullivan even forecasted that the surveillance cameras will account for 70% of the webcam in 2010 worldwide.

Compared with conventional CCTV market share in Taiwan, it is estimated that the IP Camera market share in Taiwan is about 5-6% while it is up to more than 30% in foreign markets. Based on the recognition of local users in terms of monitoring, the usage of the monitoring equipment is for review after the event instead of for real-time prevention before the event highly concerned by foreign users.