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Introductions to Specifications in Current Market

VIA Form Factor Dimensions
Mini-ITX 17cm x 17cm
Nano-ITX 12cm x 12cm
Pico-ITX 10cm x 7.2cm
VTX-VPMMB 12cm x 7.0cm

Mini ITX, Nano ITX and Pico ITX are respectively with the specification created by VIA. However, in current time, Intel CPU products are mostly used. Mini ITX and Nano ITX are currently manufactured by a lot of IPC manufacturers. Pico ITX is only manufactured by KONTRON AXIOMTEK & VIA in a small scale.

Specifications of Product

Comparison with Other Similar Products in Specifications

Multiple Applications of Small and Convenient Mother Board

Current notebooks and tablet PCs all utilize the specific mother boards. A mother board is impossible to apply to all kinds of products. Industrial and commercial Panel PCs are with specific mother board respectively. Thus, both of them are of high cost. If one intends to low down the cost by using a common ITX mother board, the product will become bulky.

The new product is with a small and convenient size and specification so that it can be located in any mechanism.
It is capable of quickly integrating products to reduce the manufacturing cost. The product design fee and the manufacturing fee are both reduced so as to promote the competitiveness in the market. It is with a small and convenient size allowing to variable mechanism designs and to sufficiently use the creativity. No obstacle in product design, and the size and the specification are both with careful design.