Products’ Market and Prospects

The new mother board is applicable to the IPC field together with the following fields:
- AIO (all in one) personal computer
- Touch Panel IPC and commercial PC
- Home or personal Touch Panel PC
- DVR and IP camera
- Other new and special fields
The new mother board has a high compatibility in the market and a wide- ranged application field. It is convenient to use the mother board with a smaller size, and its price is reasonable. It is expected that the mother board will establish a yield in a new market economic scale.
The usage of the mother board is not limited by a certain manufactured product.
The specification and the applied techs of the mother board will be mature through its application to the fields each of, such as, ITX, mountain fastness (Net Book) barebone, AIO DVR, other new applications and so on. Thus, the mother board will have a yield in an economic scale so as to establish a foundation in the market and to acquire a stable niche.

What Can the New Product Do?

● Touch Panel PCbr
● onsumer Market
● All in One PC
● Comercial MarketM
● PO SKIOSK/Vending Machine/Ticket Vending Machine/Game Machine
● Industiral Touch Platform/Medical Caring and Monitoring /ATM/Cash Register/DVR
● Industrial Market
● Home Appliances Market
● Home Touch Platform/Person-Computer Interface/ Transformed Computer (Robot Dog and Robot Home Appliances)
● Car PC

Current X86PC market:

Standard PC: Desktop, Workstation, Server (40%) Mobile PC: Notebook, Net Book (40%) IPC is divided into single board computer (SBC), embedded computer (EBC), back plate, industrial chassis, panel PC, industrial control card, and workstation, wherein the EBC and the PPC are with the largest two application fields. A common panel PC which is the newest product: Touch panel PC, All-in-One (AIO) PC. IPC 10% PPC 10% Standard PC 40% Mobile PC 40%

New Field of X86PC Market

Notebook and panel PCs keep invading the standard PC market. Notebook and panel PCs are without standard mother board (such as ATX). Notebook and panel PCs require a large-scaled RD team and a profession OEM and there is a need for quick development in new products. As per the new trend in the market, a mother board which is small and convenient in application will enlarge its application field. It is much easier for the X86PC platform to apply to multiple fields. Creating a new X86PC market instead of the traditional market.

Change in X86PC Market from 2010 to 2012

All-in-one PC will replace a part of desktop PCs. Touch panel PC will replace a part of notebooks. Touch panel PC will have a new market field. A small and convenient mother board will achieve an enlarged application field.